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Interact with Visitors

From ratings to calendars, a shiny widget adds the interactivity your site has been missing.


BawkBox widgets are designed to blend with your site’s design. Or, customize for the specific look you want.

Easy to Install

Each widget arrives as an HTML snippet you can drop into any website – even those on WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Drupal, and other content management systems.

Peck a Widget, any Widget

Contact Box

Lets your visitors email you direct from your website.

Availability Calendar

A customizable calendar that lets you mark days to track progress or bookings.

Star Ratings and Reviews

Lets your visitors review and rate anything on your website.


A simple button on the side of your page lets your visitors provide you with feedback.


Lets you publish blog articles from your browser.

Like Dislike Button

Let people Like or Dislike your content.

Simple Polls

Set a simple poll for your audience.

Public Chatroom

Let Customers chat on your website.

Customer Chat

Realtime customer support for your website

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